Farmhouse renovation, Zurich

Transformation of a historic farmhouse, 2012

Can the increasing demand of densification (and thus the transformation of the barn of farmhouses into living space) be married to the concerns of preservation? In the roof of this 200 years old farmhouse, no other openings than a single standard roof-window of the smallest size (0.3 sqm) was allowed on each side. In close collaboration with the municipality and the federal preservation office, a new solution was found: we proposed a horizontal cut in the upper part of the roof to allow the inside to be lit with natural light. The removed tiles were photographed and printed on the glass that is covering the opening. Surprisingly, the stretch-window got approved. Like this, a total of 4 sqm of opening could be created.

Total surface: 210 m²
Program: kitchen, bath, bedroom, living room, garage