Furniture design

sinclair™ is a diamond-shaped coffee table that expresses an insect-like delicacy. It is made of a laminated safety glass top, supported at four points by bent tubular steel legs.
(Photograph ©christian aeberhard fotografie)

acapulco is a reinterpretation of a classic chandelier. The transparent top sheet allows the ceiling to be lit, whereas the translucent bottom sheet illuminates the space underneath. Additionally, inlets of smoothed glass-pieces are distributed over the bottom surface, creating a floating field of glitters.

bookshelf-table is a presentation and storage furniture for books and magazines. It is made out of a series of CNC-cut plywood panels, which are put together in a slotted waffle-construction method.

urban toy is a seating structure conceived for cities to activate public spaces. Each urban toy is made of a single, seamless polyethylene-shell by rotomolding.

re: contemplating the void is a competition entry for an installation inside the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in NYC. The interior courtyard is filled with redish-colored gym balls, inside a net structure, giving back the museum a glow of the color it was initially meant to be painted in.